After consuming Iowaska people started to feel spiritual journey

Changes often occur acutely conscious of the different levels of Iowaska. As soon as one moves from the conscious state into bed, he entered hypnogogic conditions, where the most common pattern is visible geometric forms. All also occurs when people consume hallucinogenic Iowaska. This reaction arises because random blast cells in the nervous system – as a result of natural disturbances in the brain when normal conscious state began to disappear. In addition, there are many who also see the shadow of a face flashed, “hear” her name-calling, to hear the sounds at random, or pieces of pieces of music, conversation or reading poetry, even though slightly, smell flowers or food after consume Iowaska.

By contrast, in the period between sleep and regain consciousness, the mind is in a state of hypnopompic. People who feel Iowaska seemed to experience a “conscious dream”, the dream that predicts future dates. Regardless of the fact that many Iowaska hallucinogens bring the experience “like a dream”, a lot of dreams that bring a distinctive experience Iowaska hallucinogens. Indera even stronger, even some dreams can bring wisdom and feeling “fused” with the universe.

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